The Territory

Puglia is a land of charm, beautiful scenery, art, relaxation and fun, starting from the mountains of Gargano up to, going through the long and spectacular cliff-wide beaches and crystal clear waters of the Salento. Blue sea, green nature, deep red earth, golden sunsets. Holidays in Puglia are multicolored emotions throughout the year, accompanied by the scents and flavors of the Mediterranean, to be discovered in the taverns and festivals of the wonderful summer evenings colored by popular folk traditions.


The summer Avetranese, now increasingly established itself in recent years, welcomes tourists from all over the world during the events, never dull and always exciting. Among the pillars of the summer there Avetranese La Giostra dei Rioni, some nights before the night of San Lorenzo, which allows visitors to learn about the history of the country, through a splendid closing gala, characters and music that evokes the seventeenth century, from customs, traditions. During the days preceding the historical re-enactments, The Carousel, offers to the public, many hours of fun and entertainment through games and competitions, including representatives of the various districts of the country.

Another essential event of the summer Avetranese, is the Griot, one of the events of the evening of August, with storytellers, visual arts, music and culture. 

But, still, summer Avetranese will give you lots of emotions: fashion shows, cultural events, Fricennu Mangiannu, the Dumpling Festival, Tennent's Party, Happy Hour, soccer tournaments, volleyball, basketball for all age groups.

And we, of Largo Imperiali, we are in the middle of summer Avetranese, from our terraces you can already be said to be part of the festival, because we are in the heart of the events.

The Bed & Breakfast Largo Imperiali is just 5Km from beaches with dunes of fine white sand and crystal clear sea. Beaches, located in the natural reserve of the "Palude del Conte" and "La Salina dei Monaci", which represent one of the most striking of-Ionian coast of Salento. At about 18Km are the beaches of Campomarino, defined by Vanity Fair the most beautiful beaches in the world. The B&B, on the border of the territories of the provinces of Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto, is an ideal starting point to visit the historical, artistic, architectural and natural heritage of Puglia and particularly in Salento.
Below we present some of the many places to visit:

Taranto with the Magnificent Aragonese Castle, the National Museum where it is exposed one of the largest collections of artifacts dating back to the Magna Grecia including the famous Gold of Taranto, the Cathedral dating back to 1,070 AD and the Church of San Domenico.
Lecce with the famous and especially Baroque Leccese, whose highest expression is in the church of Santa Croce, the Castle of Charles V, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Palace of Celestine, the Duomo and the historical town center.
Brindisi with Roman columns, placed at the end of the ancient Via Appia, the 'Archaeological Area of the Old and charming district of San Pietro and the sea Bastion, St. James Gate and Mesa and the Museum Ribezzo.