Welcome to Bed & Breakfast Largo Imperiali

It was the summer of 2012 when Biagio Antonacci chose as Salento corner of paradise where you can forget about a love affair, to live a new adventure. If what you have done up to now, for you have been vacationing, then you have never been in Salento!

Anyone who sets foot in Salento, he can never find the words to put a floor under its wonder.

In this corner of Avetrana breathes a different smell, the smell of fascinating history.

We are at the doors of Salento, embraced by the Sun, collect cultures, folklores, the dialects of Taranto, in the Brindisi and Lecce, the essence of the most exclusive and unique salentinità. A treasure chest of splendor, in the historic center of Avetrana, in front of the Imperial Palace.

A Bed & Breakfast exclusive, newly renovated, in the center of the country, in the middle of the events of the summer avetranese.